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Default Sonance Introduces Versatile Compact Power Amplifier

Sonance has introduced the new Sonamp ASAP3D SE power amplifier which answers a multitude of integration challenges with unparalleled performance and efficiency. The ASAP3D SE combines high-performance stereo power with signal-switching and control facilities that set a new standard for system versatility. The amplifier is designed to automatically switch a pair of loudspeakers between two different input sources, such as a whole-house audio system and a TV or iPort™ music system for the Apple iPod® which gives designers and installers unprecedented flexibility in system conception and layout.

The ASAP3D SE automatically overrides a whole-house system whenever the local source is turned on, using one of several different trigger-and-sensing methods. But while this is the most common scenario it is far from the being the only one: the application possibilities in sophisticated multiroom and media systems are unlimited.

The Sonamp ASAP3D SE exploits IcePower® digital-amplifier technology, the most efficient and advanced power amplifier topology ever developed, to deliver 25 watts per channel to 8Ω loads, and an even more impressive 50W into 4Ω—both full-band (20Hz-20kHz), at less than 0.25% THD. IcePower delivers truly high-end listening quality as well as significant energy savings over conventional amplifier designs, and produces very little waste heat, an important but oft-overlooked consideration in selecting a whole-house amplifier.

Along with its impressive sound quality, the new Sonance ASAP3D SE provides a variable-level mono line output, allowing simple connection of a local subwoofer with no additional component or processor, which can be a vital advantage in achieving truly high-performance sound in individual rooms or zones. Additionally, the ASAP3D SE incorporates Sonance’s hallmark BBE™ Sound Enhancement audio processing, which improves musical and vocal presence and detail, especially at lower listening levels—benefits that can prove particularly valuable in typical multiroom installations.

“Sonance has employed all of our extensive experience working with leading custom-installers in the development of the ASAP3SE,” says Ari Supran, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Sonance. “We know better than anyone what experienced integrators need. The ASAP3D SE is engineered to be a custom installer’s dream, a product that addresses a wide array of challenges, problems, and applications better than anything else on the market.”

In addition to its exceptional audio performance, the ASAP3D SE features a collection of signal inputs and outputs, and control, power, and triggering options that truly set it apart. The first key to its extraordinary adaptability is its unique input facilities. There are two sets of speaker-level inputs, House, and Local, as well as line-level Local inputs. House or Local can be selected automatically by the presence of an audio signal at either Local input; by current-draw when a component (such as a television) connected to the ASAP3D’s AC outlet is powered on; by a +12V trigger signal at the Sonance amp’s trigger input; or via a command received by its fully integrated infrared capabilities. Consequently, the ASAP3D SE can serve a room or zone in both a whole-house and multiroom systems, and for a local source or system, such as a television or TV and DVD player pairing.

The second key is the ASAP3D SE’s extensive infrared (IR) facilities. These include standard 4-IR wire input, dual mini-jack emitter outputs, and a 2-wire IR Bus connection for linking IR commands to additional ASAP3D SE’s units in additional rooms or zones. IR commands can select between the House and Local inputs if desired as the only trigger method. Even better, the IR capabilities include fully variable volume control, muting, and BBE on/off, empowering the amplifier to serve a room or zone with nothing more than a local or remote source signal, for even greater flexibility in system layout. The amplifier’s IR paths are fully compatible with OptiLinQ® emitters, allowing third-party control signals to pass on to intended components.

The ASAP3D SE is an ultra-compact two-channel power amplifier engineered to EIA-standard “half-rack” dimensions (9.5” W x 1.75” H x 12.5” D) and is compact enough to be comfortably hidden behind a flat-panel TV. With its unequalled combination of high-performance amplification, versatile connection and command options, and ultra-compact, scalable size, the Sonamp ASAP3D SE will truly be the Swiss Army-amp of the custom installation world. Add in its very accessible pricing, and the Sonamp ASAP3D SE is sure to be a smash hit with custom-install pros around the world.

Availability: Now
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