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Butch 05-02-2008 08:19 AM

What's the best way to bi-amp my font L/R's?
A while ago, a friend gave me his old Adcom GFA 535 stereo amplifier because he said it was broken and he had had it replaced. 10 minutes and a $5 fuse later I had it working. I used the pre-outs from my Marantz SR19 and used this amp to drive my front L/R's. I was so impressed by the way this little 60 watter improved on the Marantz's 105 watts that I recently purchased an Anthem A5. Ultimately, I plan to replace the receiver with a pre/pro. Until I have the cash for that upgrade, I need some way to satisfy my lust for something 'different'. Since I'm running a 5.1 system, it seems I have a couple of spare channels of amplification to play with. I'm thinking, "Why not use them to somehow bi-amp the main speakers?" Problem is, I haven't a clue how to connect things up.

kennyt 05-02-2008 08:43 AM

Re: What's the best way to bi-amp my font L/R's?
You can do this pretty easily, if you receiver has two pairs of outputs for the front it is easier, then you just wire each set to a pair of channels on the A5 and wire the powered outs to the high and low posts on the speaker (BTW I assume your speaker can be bi-wired or this is all moot!)

Be cautious with keep right and left correct, I know it seems obvious, but any time you add a variable, you add a chance for error!

If you don't have two sets of pre outs for the front, you could use Zone 2 and usually program it to always be the same as zone 1, thus making a second set of pre-outs for the fronts.

You could also use a splitter off each pre-out for the fronts. Either way you wire it, you will need to rebalance the levels of your speakers once it is done.

I outlined this for using the A5 only, as this is generally the better way to do this, though some people do use different amps for the top and bottom end, so you could experiment with this if you want.....

Good luck! I went through the whole multi-amp thing a few years back, it does add some clarity and detail, but at the cost of headaches. When my one system was fully complete, I was running seven dual mono amps for a 5.1 system...... Wiring this system was a PITA, and unfortunately, I re-did that rig about five or six times.......

rlpiii 05-02-2008 09:28 AM

Re: What's the best way to bi-amp my font L/R's?
An Adcom GFA 535 is a good amp that you picked up. I am using a GFA 2535 for my bedroom system which is essentially two GFA 535 amps in one box. It was the first amp that I bought out of college, and it still works well for its age. I am using it for bi-amping the mains. I am not doing it as cleverly as Ken suggests; I am just utilizing the pre-outs w/ a Y-cable on the left and right.

About 7+ years back I had a local electronics store request a special AQ build to make me a 1m Y-cable so that I would not have unbalanced interconnects plugging into small Y-adapters and then into the receiver. It was ~ $150 back then to have a pair made.

Some unbalanced component / amp combinations pick-up some nasty hum, especially when adapters get thrown into the mix. To reduce this risk, I had the custom Y-cables built which worked out nicely.

Butch 05-02-2008 11:37 AM

Re: What's the best way to bi-amp my font L/R's?
Thanks guys!

Splitters were the only thing I could think of to do this, but I've never seen one. Zone 2 programming sounds like the ticket. I never would've thought of that.

I had actually planned to use the A5 for low frequency and the Adcom for the highs, but now I'm thinking Adcom for the surrounds and A5 up front. Heck, I'm laid up for a few days with a sprained ankle, so I'll probably play with a couple of combinations.

The Paradigm Studio 100 is bi-wireable, in fact one of the early tweaks for me was to switch from home made Home Depot speaker wire to MIT biwire. Forget what people say about cables not making a difference! They do.

Kennyt, What did you do with all those amplifiers when you came to your senses?

kennyt 05-02-2008 12:53 PM

Re: What's the best way to bi-amp my font L/R's?
I sold the entire system several years back.

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