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Cool Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
In any serious audio system (stereo or surround), component matching - particularly amps to speakers - is responsible for 45% of the sound you hear. The other 45% is contributed by the room / furniture acoustic, leaving just 10% from primary media sources (CD, DVD, SACD, LP, MP-3, etc).
I would agree but would like to know what are your sources for these statements?

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
Still, some people have rooms that are completely wrong for sound reproduction because the architecture contributes counterproductive acoustic components
Yes unfortunately a lot of us have this problem we don't have the perfect room so we work with it as best we can. If I ever have the opportunity to build a custom home one day I will have a room designed, constructed and calibrated by sound engineer and hire a company like Rives Audio and the likes...

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
Other than acoustic treatments the solution is to find a speaker that mates to the room and creates a convincing sounding illusion. And this necessitates also mating an amplifier (or amplifiers) to the speaker / room combination.
Yes B&W wit Classé are a match made in heaven, I also enjoy B&W with Electrocompaniet.
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