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UltraPower of Ultralink/XLO Products Releases New Line Of Power Management Gear
UltraPower, a division of Ultralink/XLO Products, Incorporated announces the introduction of a new line of AC power management and conditioning components called PowerGrid. The three PowerGrid models are the PGX-500, PGX-400 and PGX-300, each featuring Ultralink's patented under/over-voltage auto shutoff circuitry with advanced microprocessor control, high-joule surge protection, and power cleaning noise filtration.

Attractive industrial design and metalwork along with their advanced feature set makes these UltraPower products good-looking, installation friendly, high performance units.

Developed from the ground up, UltraPower's engineering staff approached the task of power management quite differently than other power management manufacturers. The PowerGrid uses a dedicated microprocessor based Active Surge Processor (ASP) to monitor the incoming line voltage, board level power status, and outgoing power conditions to eliminate wide voltage fluctuations (i.e. brownouts, sags, over-voltages) as a source of A/V signal degradation. The front panel LCD readout actively monitors and displays line voltage in all models as well as amperage in the PGX 400 and PGX 500.

When the UltraPower PowerGrid is turned on, it keeps connected components offline until the microprocessor does a thorough diagnostic to verify that all power conditions - voltage, polarity, and ground - are "in the green" before closing the circuit to allow power to the protected components. By placing the PowerGrid in a natural state of an open circuit, power never flows to the connected components until the microprocessor determines it is safe to do so. Because of this innovative design, an UltraPower PGX unit will continue to protect even after a catastrophic power failure by keeping protected components disconnected from AC power. Shockingly - most competitive units simply become extension cords following a massive spike - like those caused by lightning - and continue to pass power to the now completely unprotected components.

Each of the UltraPower PGX's AC banks is performance optimized and clearly labeled for its recommended usage: high current (i.e. amplifier, subwoofer), video, digital or analog sources. Banks are isolated to prevent noise from polluting other connected devices. Protection for incoming signals is also provided with gold plated coax connections for satellite, cable boxes and terrestrial antennas plus phone and Ethernet jacks. A 12-volt trigger is offered for use in custom installation applications requiring remote turn-on/off.

The PGX-500, with Level 4 Filtration, features a total of twelve surge-protected and filtered outlets in six banks to ensure complete protection for all connected components. Two outlets feature programmable delay to sequence power up and prevent annoying and damaging turn-on transients. Four outlets are switched and triggered, while the remaining six are always on. The PGX-400, with Level 3 Filtration, has eight outlets in four banks - one with turn-on delay. The PGX 300, with Level 2 Filtration, also has eight outlets in four banks.

All UltraPower products come with a $250,000 protected Equipment Policy.

All three PowerGrid models are available NOW with the following US MSRPs:

PGX-500 $499
PGX-400 $399
PGX-300 $299

kennyt 02-06-2008 04:59 AM

Re: UltraPower of Ultralink/XLO Products Releases New Line Of Power Management Gear
I was trolling the forum and saw this after I was just commenting on these. These units will actually protect you, and should they suffer a catastrophic hit, will stay off and need replacing unlike almost every other power system that will take the hit and continue to function without protection.

I am sure the concept of a disposable power protector seems insane to many, but the idea of keeping a worthless power bar in place and thinking you are protected seems far worse to me! I think I'm going to order the PGX-400 or maybe 500 for my bedroom system.

deacongreg 02-06-2008 03:04 PM

Re: UltraPower of Ultralink/XLO Products Releases New Line Of Power Management Gear
Definitely a different design and concept. This looks like a review is needed on this product.

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