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AC Power Getting clean, reliable power to your system is a major topic. Discuss solutions and applications here.

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Default Re: Dirty AC and the theater

I do not have big bucks, so I went with the new PUREAV theater system. It is not meant to run your amps for long periods of time, but does provide line conditioning; surge protection; battery back up; and stage shut down of your components-the way you want them to be shut down(ie: projector last so the cooling fans will stay on). I also, have this plugged into a dedicated 20 amp line.

I have my main amp plugged into it's own 20 amp line and is not limited by a surge protector or any current limiting device. My smaller amps are plugged into the PUREAV. I'm not sure any reasonably priced conditioners exist for amps that are 3000 watts or more. Richard Gray may have products, but they will cost you and I'm not sure how long a battery back up would last running that kind of power.
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Default Re: Dirty AC and the theater

The goal here, someone correct me if I'm wrong, is to be able to crank the volume up on all your amps and speakers without any input and be able to put your ear right up to the speaker and hear absolute silence. If the sine wave is pure and the voltage is stable with no RF or harmonic distortion on the carrier wave, then that's what you should hear. Thus the reason it's so important in a high end studio to regenerate all the electricity with U.P.S. to ensure there are no electrical outages. I imagine the better studios even have some kind of generator back up present for that occasion. I think the output of even a really good generator would have to be cleaned up and it would be expensive to isolate the low frequency rumble the motor would put out. Even if all the electrical was cleaned before it entered the main circuit panel, there's still miles of wiring in the average home that acts as an antenna and can attract RF, so the closer to your expensive rack of gear you can get to clean the power, the better. If a person was building a room from scratch like I will be, I think there are steps that can be taken with redundant grounding and high-end wiring to further limit the noise. I just hope I can still make it all affordable.
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Default Re: Dirty AC and the theater

I have the unit you are speaking about by Monster and I can tell you I was a skeptic at one time but my 5 channel power amp used to hum and lightly vibrate before I got the monster unit but now it does none of that. It also stops the pops turning on and off. I am pleased with my purchase
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