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Neil Peart 08-31-2007 12:53 PM

Natural gas generators are probably the best "battery back up"
has anyone here used any of the new natural gas powered whole-house generators yet? Seems like a brillant concept in case power goes out to your area. Remember the big power outage an New York and the northwest that was caused by one tree branch in Ohio or thereabouts?

If you put your entire house on natural gas powered generator for when your main electricity is cut, you will look pretty smart if there is a natural disaster.

kennyt 09-03-2007 08:34 AM

Re: Natural gas generators are probably the best "battery back up"
...ask my wife, I am a natural gas generator!

Actually several friends have done this in my area of Florida after we all lost power for days a few years back, a generator for your whole house isn't cheap and they do require maintanance, that said next time the power fails for a few days we'll likely be @ DJ and Courtney's watching TV and drinking wine listening to their generator!

Richard at PurePower 09-03-2007 03:12 PM

Re: Natural gas generators are probably the best "battery back up"
They are just the ticket for storm prone areas - one of our own managers in Florida barely completed his installation last week when the power went out for 4 hours. Of course, winter storms in the north are just as devastating, and you need power to keep the furnace running or you risk freezing in the dark.

But if you do install a generator - all the more reason to install a regenerator like the PurePower 1050 that is designed for generator set use with Audio and Video systems. The Gen set will make great power for you lights, fridge and air conditioner - they aren't that fussy about power quality -- but to make natural gas or diesel generated power palatable for high end audio, you need a high quality AC regenerator to clean up the generator output to remove noise and distortion, keep the frequency stable and hold the voltage to accurate levels.

If you have a generator set you can test this yourself by comparing audio quality when running from the utility power (on a good power day) vs the generator, especially when running lots of motor loads. That said, you can't beat the sheer peace of mind of having your own independent power supply combined with a top quality conditioner for sensitive loads.

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