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AC Power Getting clean, reliable power to your system is a major topic. Discuss solutions and applications here.

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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...

One thing to keep in mind though, if you're not willing to pull new power lines to your system or room then a power regenerator is what you're going to be after. If that's the issue you're talking about then I think PS audio is your best bet with their new Power Plant Premiere. I actually just took another look at it myself and, well it seems very impressive. Curious if anyone out there has messed with it.

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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...

About two years ago I started down the path where my equipment wasnít working as well in the summer months, as it worked in the winter. I recognized that in Phoenix during the hot season, power was degraded, by the high demand for air conditioning.

So one day I decided to take advantage of PurePower APS offer. A free trial period! I talked with them and ordered two of the 750 power regenerators. My system has three power hungry VTL tube power amplifiers, model # MB450; that power my left, center & right speakers in my surround system. I hooked up those amps, to the two 750 power regenerators and found out that the surge power tripped the protection circuitry when I had two VTLís to one 750. I call the PurePower up and discussed the issue with Richard, who suggested that I needed the 1050 model to run two of the VTL. So I sent one of the 750 back, exchange for the 1050 that was coming via BAX courier.

Now this is where this story gets interesting. My son & I pulled the VTLís in (Center / Right) back into the wall and continued to use the PurePower 750 APS unit on the right spearker. We put a new movie that we both were looking forward to watching and my sons said that there was something wrong with the sound of the system. The right speaker was so much more dynamic Ė the highs were cleaner the the lows lower! It was so obvious I couldnít believe what pure power provided to the system. I wasnít totally convinced, so I switched the power source from right to left and sure enough, there was the obvious differences again!

Well the bottom line is: Now my equipment is not starved for Power Ė I am getting the highest level of performance that this equipment can put out. All by using this fantastic equipment from PurePower. In my system, power regeneration is where I get the greatest improvement in performance. What a great tweak! I can only say, if you donít have it you are missing out on the potential of your system.

Sincerely Rob
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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...


I am a little confused. Sounds like you got better performance from one 750/amp correct? If so did you go with three 750's (in which case you are truly a kindred spirit) or did you keep the 1050/750 combo?

Living in Florida, I have power issues. Much was solved by installing 5x20 amp line on uninteruppted 10g Romex and 2x15 amp lines for source gear on 12 g Romex all ran off it's own panel..... Yes, I know the electrician made the same face but I don't lack power! I have been through a few conditioners and am considering redoing that part of the system here soon, but nothing beats power!

Andrew..... get more than one line per room, it doesn't cost that much more to run more, well, until the power company has to come dig a new channel to run a feed to the new panel and you promise to use x kW/Hours.....

Ken Taraszka, MD
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Smile Re: Brown outs in your area...

You know Andrew you are very good. You cleared up something for me, and I`m sure the rest of us. That power regeneration is for those who are not running new lines or going inside the walls. And if you are, then you go Richard Gray or PS audio. For me, that was it. When do you use which device, for the appropiate application.
Now, does it wind up to be less expensive going the regeneration route, or does it work out the same, either way?
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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...


I was able to work with Richard & Damian at PurePower APS, a couple of great guys that helped me measurably. They looked at the power that was being drawn and made the recommendation to go from two 700ís to [1 each - 700 for one of the VTL MB450 power amp and the rest of my equipment (Sony DVD, Lexicon MC12B, Cox cable DVR, Sony 2 channel for side & rear speakers, Revox reference CD & Nad Turner.]. [ 1 each 1050, that I use for the other two VTL MB 450ís and my Pioneer Elite Plasma.]

The issue was that the MB 450 draw a tremendous amount of power when initially powering up. Richard called it the surge power and they would trip the power regeneratorís circuit protection when I would turn them on at the same time. So now I just turn on one at a time and allow the caps on the amps to fill before turning on the next one.

I also have two 20 amp dedicated circuits coming into my equipment room. I run the regenerators off those circuits and the air conditioning unit off the regular power line coming into the equipment room. The issue in Phoenix during the summer is the power browns or drops, even with dedicated lines and if you want pure power you need a regenerator system.

Bottom line Ken Ė Call Audiophile APS (519-624-9735) and tell him your unique situation that you are trying to solve. Richard, Damian or one of the associates, will make a recommendation for your needs. I know that if you place the PurePower regenerator on one of your amps or video that you will hear or see (video) a marked difference. Iíve experienced this difference and itís hugh! It has the WOW factor, as it allows your expensive equipment to work at their capabilities.

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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
. Even during non peak hours I've seen my power drop down to 110v even...gulp...108v. I'm having new dedicated lines pulled to my rack in two weeks that I'm told will fix the problem.
The Truth About Dedicated Lines

The idea of running new "dedicated" lines to audio rooms has been misinterpreted by several postings as meaning their systems are now "isolated" from utility problems. It is simply not true.

There are a couple of good reasons to install separate lines to audio room outlets. The most important is to provide a guaranteed uninterrupted ground wire to remove common mode noise possibilities (i.e. unwanted signals between the ground and neutral conductors). This also requires careful attention to the actual ground connection between the distribution panel and the earth connection in North American systems - usually to a copper plumbing pipe. Bad grounds at that junction are very common and not helped by a new line.

The second valid reason to run over-spec wire gauges to the audio room is to mitigate (I said mitigate - not eliminate) the voltage drop at the wall outlet that occurs each time there is a demand for high current from a high power amp.

The fact is, the only dedicated part of a so called dedicated line is the safety ground. The line and neutral wire are still connected directly to every other outlet in your house - and probably to several neighboring houses. You can check this by tracing your wiring back to the nearest distribution transformer - probably on a pole top or underground vault in a home setting - or an electrical room in an apartment or condo building.

Every house or apartment connected to that transformer shares a common electrical source, and each electrical device connected to it contributes to its characteristics - by adding noise, distortion or causing sags and surges. When your neighbor turns on his laser printer, the distorting effects of its power supply can be read on a good power quality meter in your wall outlets. Add up all the computers, air conditioners, appliances, noisy vacuum cleaner motors etc an you can imagine what the waveform looks like in every outlet in your house, "dedicated" or not.

Then add the fact that some disturbances arrive from the utility supply in the form of surges, sags, brownouts, switching transients and other uninvited guests - plus effects from nearby lightening strikes -- and it's not surprising the dedicated line offers no real defense for poor power.

Some sort of power conditioning is mandatory if you want your system to be free from the effects of bad power from the utility or from your neighbors. If you are sophisticated in power engineering and own the analysis tools you can determine which of the 10 unique power problems is affecting your system (see and then purchase a device that fixes just that problem. So if it is noise from fluorescent lights you can buy an emi/rfi noise filter power conditioner. If it is just surges you can buy a surge protector. If it is sags and brownouts you can buy a voltage regulating power conditioner. If it is frequent blackouts you can buy a battery back up.

If you have no idea which problems you suffer from - or you want to make sure you cover all the bases as power problems not detected today have a habit of appearing tomorrow - you need an AC regenerator that will provide complete isolation from the power grid with power quality equal to that provided by an all battery system.

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