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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
This has been disproven through out the history of marketing. Currently we have STUDIOS fighting a war not consumers. Consumers are ****ED. That is why they aren't buying. If both sides could shake hands and give up their "exclusive Studio," nonsense then HDM would take off like a rocket. The problem is the BDA is convinced they'd lose market share because Consumers generally pick the less expensive alternative.

It's also why BD backers keep repeating that mantra of "two formats keeps consumers from investing," because those backers hate to be in 2nd which is just dumb.

Bottom line it takes the same equipment to get the desired effect from either format. So the only thing keeping consumers from buying is the WAR being fought by Toshiba, Sony, and the Studios.

If there was Universal Studio support on both sides you'd see about 5M HD-DVD players in homes by the end of the year and 2.5M BD players.

BD wouldn't "Lose," it would just be 2nd best in sales. It would never "die," and the people who think they're getting better PQ and SQ can buy it.
Well I disagree completely!
Consumers aren't P****D, They are letting the studios fight the war for them!
Face it, people at forums like this are for the most part the only consumers or "soldiers" in this war, we are in the front lines & many have chosen a side, most people I know that have HDM are not neutral, they have chosen a side.
90%+ of the people don't care who wins, but they are waiting until someone wins before they choose a side, that's why they aren't buying.

HD-DVD backers keep saying two formats can survive because they are afraid of losing & being stuck with obsolete players & media & would rather HDM die instead of HD-DVD lose & that's just selfish & spiteful.

People that know me know I'm "in to home theater" & ask me for advice on home theater gear.
Many of them have been to my house & seen my setup & have gotten themselves a HDTV but when the conversation turns to HDM it's not which one do I pick but who is going to win because I'm not buying until there is a winner & honestly even though they really like the way Blu-Ray movies look on my system I recomend to most of my friends that they do wait until there is a clear winner before investing in HDM.

The fact is the studios will choose the winner & no amount of whining will change that fact, that's just the way it is, and let's be real here, that's not such a bad thing, consumers chose the inferior VHS format because it was cheaper, the better quality format lost when the consumers chose the winner.

2 formats will kill HDM period, even if all the studios supported both formats people still would still think there was a war & stay away in droves.
The 2 format thing worked out really well for DVD-A & SACD didn't it.

VHS thrived after winning the war even though it wasn't the best format, HDM will have at least a chance to thrive if the war is ended soon, so all the HD-DVD fanbois & Sony haters that think Blu-Ray doesn't deserve to win for whatever reason feel free to go & wait for your compressed downloads with DD audio, the rest of us will enjoy 1080p & lossless audio.
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