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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Originally Posted by pdjmwj View Post
I have a two channel setup in my basement that runs the DQ10's. I also have the old Aerial 7's, not the newer B's, that I switch back and forth. I drive the 10's and the 7's, both amp hungry, with an old Mitsubishi DAC-15, 150 watt DC mono power amp that I bought in 1979 just to run the DQ10's. I'm sure I'd get better sound to upgrade but I've been happy with it since day one. This amp is a beast and looks neat compared to the boxed in looking amps.
That's a classic setup! I bet it sounds pretty good too even with today's standards. I'm sorry to hear you downgraded so much to an Onkyo from Anthem. Arcam has a Pre-Pro with 1080p HDMI inputs that costs around $2,200 or so. I'd say give that a listen.

My father had DQ10s when I was a little kid. In HS I took them out of the garage and plugged them into the system I had in my room. I was floored by the sound quality upgrade from the Infinity speakers I had.
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