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Default Re: Rumor: Universal Next Studio to go all Blu-ray

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
That's what the original poster's unnamed "insider" comments sounded like. Care to direct any criticism in that direction?

I think that even ardent HD DVD fans can smell BS when they see it, and that "insider" source sounded like BS at it's best. Is BS a term you'd prefer over FUD?
I think you need to quit posting before thinking. The OP was Jerry Editor of AVREVOLUTION and he had no quoted comments.

If you're refering to my statement about "Insider Information," only one post has referred to "Insider Information," on this thread. It looked like the ramblings of someone who is not in full control of their brain. So I don't think anyone took it seriously. If you didn't mean Jerry, then you meant the exact same person I did.

Which means you have got to stop this petty difference you have with me. I already apologized in front of everyone for battling it out with you. It was pointless before.

As for FUD vs BS. Sometimes things are mistakes. Sometimes they're just BS. Sometimes someone is lying to try and make their point sound better. That would be FUD. We haven't had much FUD on these boards that I have seen. It's what makes this place so much nicer than the many sites that are full of it.

That Insider was just insane so thus imho it would fall under BS.
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