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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Hi Lotus,

They still sound fantastic and look great after I refoomed the woofers. I have a total Mirage OM seris 5.1 setup as well and swap out my OM7's with the DQ10's until the wife says they have to go.

I have a two channel setup in my basement that runs the DQ10's. I also have the old Aerial 7's, not the newer B's, that I switch back and forth. I drive the 10's and the 7's, both amp hungry, with an old Mitsubishi DAC-15, 150 watt DC mono power amp that I bought in 1979 just to run the DQ10's. I'm sure I'd get better sound to upgrade but I've been happy with it since day one. This amp is a beast and looks neat compared to the boxed in looking amps.

People come over and see the DQ10's think the're some kind of TV's. Those that appreciate sound are amazed at what they can do. To supplement the bottom end I sometimes run my Mirage BPS400 sub which is very musical I think and the DQ10's sound even better.

Still have my vinyl collection that freaks friends out also. Supertramp - School was the 1st song I ever heard on the DQ10's and when company asks to hear the DQ10's I always play that album 1st. The opening has kids in the background that sound so life like on vinyl thru the DQ10's. I own 3 copies of this album and the CD.

I just sold my Anthem AVM2 to get into HDMI and I'm sorry I did. That was one great surround pre-amp. I replaced it with the Onkyo 805 that I use as a pre-amp replacement but does not sound anywhere near as good as the Anthem. Event thou I use the Onko as a pre-amp, loud music sounds harsh and strained. The Anthem / Rotel 1075 combo just kept going, smooth.

Have you ever heard the DQ10's?
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