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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Without question the old "Crown Amplifiers" Made here, sounded great, and were definitely virtually indestructible. Used by many deejays. Those amps should be resurrected.
I had a DC-300 long ago and miss it... We used it as a main in our band.

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
And of course, huge power, built like a tank as well, know one knew him really then, Mr. bob Carver, but The Phase linear 700 power amp. Could play really loud with low distortion. And the Holographic preamp. A history maker, way way ahead of its time. And kennyt is right, I loved the Carver cube amp as well. He should make it again. Its small, full of power. Look what Bel Canto is doing!! It would fit where a Mark Levinson or Mcintosh could not.
One of my best friends in college (Actually the low brass instructor there) had a pair of Carver Cubes and the Phase Linear Peak Unlimiter/Auto Correlator - these were connected to a pair Klipschorns. Those brought real excitement to recorded music. I bought my Sunfire Theatre Grand MK II A/V preamp and Signature Amplifier on a combination of an impressive audition and the strength of the Phase Linear and Carver equipment that preceded it. I have not been disappointed. As I stated in another forum, I wish Bob would come up with a more compelling reason to replace it with something newer from him (Aka another revolutionary thing I cannot live without that does everything I want).

I inherited those K-horns from him, and still enjoy them today. I am trying to pick up another pair plus a Belle or LaScala so I can match the sound for the rear and center of my system. The system is hilarious, since there is no way you can drive the K-horns to a level that can stress the Sunfire. (K-horns are only rated at 100 watts/400 watts peak, and my Sunfire produces 405 watts RMS X 5). I drive the tops with current mode to take some of the edge off, and the bottoms in voltage mode for tight bass.

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