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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST


I've auditioned the Mythos ST/Mythos Ten twice now with both movies and music. The Paradigms I've audition are the 100 v3's, not the v4s and the CC690 but there were no ADP590's , so I haven't had a full Paradigm home theater system to audition. And yes! I'd love to get my purchase right the first time. Having owned other speaker lines and having upgraded a few times, I've had my share of selling some audio/video gear at certain times.

I was thinking last night that whichever speaker line I go with, I don't think I could make a bad decision. They both produce great sound for a great price. They're not at the same dealer, so a side by side comparison is out. Knowing the markup/dealer cost for both brands of speakers, I feel that the discounts offered to me are very good.

I'm actually proud of myself that I've narrowed my decision down to two speakers systems. I would have liked to audition the Paradigm ADP590 surrounds and the Servo Sub 15 v2 just to see how good they are. Also, since you like direct radiators for the rear channels, would you have considered a pair of the 100 v4's for that? (like the way you're auditioning the Mythos ST's with an additional pair as the rear speakers). Also, was the Paradigm sub you reviewed really that good and would you consider adding a sub to your Mythos ST system? I've read many times how good the Paradigm subs are but I've enver had a chaance to audition.

Your reviews on both speaker systems have helped me out tremendously along with your additional assessments and guidance. I greatly appreciate your time and comments. For me, purchasing a home theater system is totally fun and is one area that I don't mind spending my money on (I guess it's my main vice, instead of cars, etc). Thanks Again!

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