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Default Re: Anthem D2 or Arcam AV9?

I did just pull the trigger on the D2. A big reason being the video performance, but there is no harm in the audio improvements as well.

Guess I am on another upgrade path where I will swap out my AVM20 for the D2, then my Reference Speakers for Statements and then finally my MCA's for Statement Amps as well.

I am rather lucky in that the dealer I have been going to (and refered a few people to as well) also takes back used equipment for resale in order to help along the upgrade path.

In the end I am getting the D2 for around 5.5k CDN along with my AVM20 trade in. Not bad considering a few calls came up with around 7,800 CDN beng the best I could find otherwise and an offer to try and sell my AVM20 for around 1k lol.


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