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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

DLP: Single Chip DLP comes with the problem of the "Rainbow Effect," which can cause viewing fautige from certion viewers (I'm one of them, more than 30 minutes and I get a headache). 3 Chip DLPs do not have this problem.

LCD: ok contrast rations, ok color reproduction. Likely best bang for the buck.

SXRD: good contrast ratios, pretty decent color reproduction. SONY is the only brand that makes them.

HD-ILA: superior contrast ratios, superior colors, right now the king of under $10K projectors. They have two one streets for around $4500 the other around $7500. JVC is the only brand that makes them.

As for screens if you want to save money hire people that experienced with GOO SCREENs. Experienced GOO SCREEN installers can provide you a rather nice screen for around $400. Don't pay much more than that.

I'd stay away from Caradas and other online brands. I've seen these side by side with other screen manufacturers. There is no contest. Their price point seems to make a lot of internet buyers happy and thus their popularity. The best bang for the buck screen manufacturer is likely Da-Lite.

That's an older review of the different screen types. Very little has changed as you can imagine.

A 100" setup that would rival the PQ of a Pioneer Elite Kuros 60 inch set will likely cost you around $6700 installed. This would consist of a JVC RS-1 and a 100" Da-Lite screen plus an HDMI cable and installation. Which is about $800 less than the plasma.

A 100" setup using a Mitsubishi HC4900 (the projector I'd suggest for less expensive installations) and a Da-Lite screen installed will likely run you around $4000 or less.

For me the JVC is worth every penny over the less expensive models.
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