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Default Re: Why Apple hasn't put a bluray or hd-dvd player in their computers

Originally Posted by Rooney View Post
As a long time Mac user (at home) and a PC (XP) user at work, my concerns with the downloadable formats are:
1. The lack of physical media means that in case of drive/Apple TV failure, you are left with nothing.
2. Constraints are placed on when you can start viewing a movie from the time of download and also once you start watching.
3. Cannot collect movies.
4. You have to pay for each viewing - this is a paradigm shift from the home viewing experience and one I personally do not want to stomach. What's next? Pay each time you hear a piece of music? (as opposed to a one time purchase of intellectual property after which you can listen/watch at your convenience as many times as you want).

This sounds exactly like the DIVX format proposed by Circuit City in the early days of DVD. I felt then that it was not an ideal solution (at least for me) then and I still feel the same. If you could have downloadable movies that you could somehow archive and watch WHEN YOU WANTED TO, I would fully support it.

Thanks for allowing me to rant!

I believe this is to battle NetFlix's downloadable movie content. This is not to battle the LIVE Marketplace or others. It's a renting service pure and simple. A Marketplace like service is also available but without full studio support.
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