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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Originally Posted by pdjmwj View Post
Dahlquist DQ10. Classic from the late 70's and 80's. I still own mine from 1977 and cannot bring myself to let them go. They still give me shivers whenever I listen to them. Piano is so life like. I've refurbished the woofers and need to do a complete overhaul someday. I now have them in my home theater.
Now this is a hell of a first post! The DQ10 is legendary! If memory serves they were one of if not the first to mess with what we now refer to as "time alignment," in speakers. I bet they still sound stunning after 30 years.

What do you drive them with? What do you use as a center?

You've really got my attention! What great speakers to still have!
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