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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST


Thank you for taking the time to give me some more information in my quest to make a decision on purchasing speakers.

First of all, I'm trying to not let price be the determining factor in my decision. The Mythos ST's are almost twice the price of the Paradigms and now Def Tech has raised the price of those from $1799 to $1999. Paradigm has also increased their prices as well due to the value of the U.S. dollar.

A Paradigm dealer has given me what I consider a very good discount and after reading your review on the Studio Reference HT system, I was all ready to make that commitment and had the King Kong HD DVD on the table to play as my first movie!

Then, I read your review on the Mythos ST HT system and all the other online/printed reviews as well and was amazed that a speaker from Def Tech was getting such universal praise, even from The Absolute Sound. Your review prompted me to go audition them and I had to suddenly reconsider my original choice. But, with the Mythos ST's price increase to $2000 each and the Paradigms' at $2600 a pair, price started to become a factor which I was trying to avoid but the Paradigms seemed to offer so much and still be affordable.

Then, as I was seeking out more info on the Mythos ST's, I found a couple of dealers who would give me even more of a discount than the Paradigm dealer which then started to bring both speaker lines alot more closer together in price than I ever thought would happen.

In the past, I've owned Aerial, Revel and Atlantic Technology but not Paradigm or Def Tech. After reading your review of the Paradigm's I was ready, but then your review of the Mythos ST made me want to have the same configuration as you reviewed. Even though I like dipole surrounds, I've had direct radiating speakers in the rear and having a 2nd pair of Mythos ST's as the surrounds, would be incredible as far as "sound envelopment", tonal balance and bass. Now, I'm sure there are other ways to go about this type of sound without using a $4000 pair of speakers, but this setup is so tempting.

I've kind of been thinking lately that I could go with the Mythos ST's due to some very nice discounting. Give them a good decent try in my HT System. If for some reason I feel I may have preferred the Paradigms in the first place, I could sell the Mythos ST's and not take such a heavy hit financially.

Ultimately, for me, I feel that the center channel is the make or break component in the HT system. This speaker has to be top notch and "anchor" the home theater. I do feel that the Paradigm CC690 is one of the best center channel speakers I've ever heard. The Mythos Ten is very very good, clear, precise and a good match to the ST's.

So, right now, I'm at a standstill. I've got good pricing for both systems and I have to figure out what is the key for my decision.

You've been very helpful and I love your reviews. When I read your reviews of speakers, it makes me want to go buy them. Just curious, are the Mythos ST's now your reference or did you stay with the Ventos?

Again, thank you for your advice!

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