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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

given your own bias, are we to compare Bill's "snake oil" to your own?

At least Bill honestly states his pro-Blu agenda. Anyone reading his comments is therefore welcome to interpret his words accordingly. Unlike some other posters (such as you) who clearly favor a pro-HD DVD agenda yet pretend otherwise.
Please prove your statement. Prove to me I favor a Pro-HD DVD agenda. Otherwise stop it. Seriously it is extremely rude of you to keep saying you know how I think/feel when you don't know me. You claim I worked for Toshiba, etc.

I'm PRO-CONSUMER. This is a huge difference. I'm really tired of you implying other things when they are far from the truth. I'm sorry I argued with dobyblue because that has now labelled me as pro-HD-DVD. I'm Pro-Dual Format if anything. I see no reason why two can't survive together. I own both and have owned more BD players than even Kenny here when you get down to it.

Bill Hunt is paid by the BDA. Your defense of him using the BDA as his source is a joke. I have no doubt that is his source. If things were reversed and WB had picked HD-DVD I wouldn't be pointing to HD-DVD bloggers who get their info from the HD DVD PRG as being a good source of info either.

Also "$200 on average," is flat out a lie. I think you'd find on average it would be around $75 if not $50. Bill took good data that pretty much spoke for itself and spun it to mean more than it did.

I'm all for HD-DVD making a comeback if it can force the white flag between the two camps. Which it would. If HD-DVD does get a Studio change soon it will lead to the two camps making a deal.

I don't want the 1M set top owners on either side to be hurt by the stupidity of the Studios fighting this extremely DUMB war.

However the HDM market has benefited from HD-DVD. Without it you'd have possibly not had the big turn around in PQ from BD or BD 2.0.
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