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Default Re: Rumor: Universal Next Studio to go all Blu-ray


"The DVD Forum has had enough of this War and enough of the Blu-Ray manipulative business tactics. Expect a law suit by the DVD Forum against the Blu-Ray Disc Association because of their use of “DVD”.

To me this is like a spoiled child having a fit because they are not getting there way. And since Toshiba is a big part of the DVD Forum to my knowledge. I would not be surprised if the DVD Forum tries to help Toshiba steal this format war! HD-DVD is a good format and I have no problem upgrading my 1st gen player. But what I do not want to get stuck with is a format that because of its limitations winning the format war. I honestly do not want to be stuck with a format that can not always have a lossless audio track. I is unacceptable that anyone should have to settle for Dolby Digital Plus because a certain title can not handle Dolby True HD or DTS-HD Master Audio. Do we really want that kind of format to win? Do we want one that can not offer as much HD content on one disc? I still believe that HD-DVD is on the fast track to loosing. But I guess Toshiba can and will most likely go out playing dirty! As far as I know many of the players and software that was purchased this past christmas was returned for a refund after the consumer found out, that one WB will not be making HD-DVD soon. And that there are only two exclusive HD-DVD studios left and that everyone else is supporting Blu-ray. Prices are dropping on Blu-ray players and at the same time higher end players are coming to market. Toshiba is getting desperate and I am looking for them to fight dirty because that is the kind of company they are show us they are. Toshiba seems to not be able to accept that they are loosing and they are more likely to try to damage HDM rather than, have a peaceful conclusion to the war and bring it to an end!

All I have to say to Toshiba is, that if this is your way of handling defeat and how your company is going to treat others in the industry. After I buy my upgrade HD-A35, I will not buy another Toshiba product period! And I will discourage as many people as I can from buying Toshiba products and encourage other to discourage others! That is if Toshiba wants to play the scorched earth game with HDM.


"Sony caught buying Blu-Ray movies in the 10,s of 1,000's for all of 2007 to sway the numbers in Blu-Ray's favor. "

That would be a very serious claim and I hope that whom ever makes that claim is ready to get there ass sued off if they can not prove it 100%. And as desperate as I believe Toshiba to be I do not even think they would try that kind of stunt. And I also do not think that Sony would try that ether! This seems the kind of empty accusation that would come out to try and sway studios to come back to HD-DVD, plain and simple.


"I am hoping my source for this information comes out with an article soon about this monstrosity. The BDA are up to no good trying to control the movie content we pay for to watch. "

So why is this any different if Toshiba was to end up with control over the movie content we pay for? Some company is going to end up with the revenue steam weather it be Sony, Toshiba or MS with movie downloads? Why is it so bad that Sony get royalties rather than Toshiba? Toshiba already gets royalties for DVD and they are not happy enough with that. Do I have a problem with Toshiba ending up with the next format to make money from the royalties, the answer is defiantly no! If Blu-ray was on the ropes and HD-DVD had all the support and every title could offer lossless audio depending on what the studio wants to offer. I would be all for HD-DVD ending the war quickly and putting Blu-ray down sooner rather than later. But this is not the case and Blu-ray is winning and like a spoiled little brat Toshiba is crying to the DVD group. And who says that the DVD Group has absolute control over what format can take over for DVD? I honestly do not think the DVD Group can or has the right to dictate what happens in the industry! And to the DVD Group I would say, If you think you can dictate what can be the next format. Or if you think you have the right to slime Blu-ray because they where not approved by your pitiful little band. I hope DVD dies as soon as possible and all of you are out of work soon if you are going to play dirty and act like you rule the industry!
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