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Default Re: Why Apple hasn't put a bluray or hd-dvd player in their computers

Lotus, your anti-Mac bias is showing... Having no built-in optical drive does not make it impossible to install software. in fact, you have two options: 1. buy a USB based optical drive and connect it to install your software, or 2. use the software Apple supplies with the Mac Air, on either an existing Mac or PC with an optical drive and connect to it via your wireless network to install your software. (I thought it could be directly connected to a wired network also, but now I think I was wrong about that - therefore a wireless base station or wireless card would be needed in the computer containing the optical drive.) I would assume that most people currently have a computer that has an optical drive, if they don't want to carry the extra baggage of a separate one.

I would rather have a built-in optical drive, preferably a BluRay Read/Write, or optionally a dual-format drive in my next laptop, which will be a Mac, mainly based upon the years of great service I've had with my existing Mac laptop, in spite of very "high milage, rode hard". As for games, I could care less - my kids play have fun playing the titles available for the Mac, and they don't complain. I am holding out for a 64-bit CPU, since I work on scientific programming that can benefit from the advantages of it. I realize that this requirement may have me waiting even longer, than for an internal BD drive.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Played on line is one thing, but downloading the games as the only way to get the game?

No-Drive is cool looking and very rebelious but makes it impossible for me to get games. That is bad. However it being a Mac makes it almost just as hard to get games.

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