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Default Re: Rumor: Universal Next Studio to go all Blu-ray

That latest interview with Universal's head is interesting, but it doesn't close the door to Blu nor does it really show much confidence with HD DVD. He seems to be trying to hold the corporate line for the moment... perhaps to give back-room discussions with Toshba and the BDA time to evolve to a mutually-beneficial arrangement.

most interesting are these comments:

Where the consumer has a say is what they do and what they purchase. That's probably the biggest statement that could be made. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to communicate. If you walk into someone's house and watch a football game on their HDTV, you'll want one. Most people are very happy with their DVD, but when they see a 1080p movie, it blows them away.
If it's the consumer's voice expressed through purchase habits that Universal is waiting to "hear" in order to justify their format shift given their contract restrictions with Toshiba, it will be a very interesting next few months indeed.

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