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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot


given your own bias, are we to compare Bill's "snake oil" to your own?

At least Bill honestly states his pro-Blu agenda (as do I). Anyone reading his comments is therefore welcome to interpret his words accordingly. Unlike some other posters who clearly favor a pro-HD DVD agenda yet pretend otherwise.

Right but the opinions are from Bill Hunt. He's about as honest as a snake oil salesman. Someone else already pointed out that his $200 price difference was poor reporting.
He said "on average" there was a $200 price difference. Do you disagree? Yes, it would have been meaningful to also compare the lowest-cost HD DVD against the lowest-cost BD option, but those aren't the only two players selling in good numbers. We can discuss how poor the HD DVD camp's hardware reporting is every time they leave out the largest pool of hardware being used to play high-definition media: the PS3.

Let's take a look at his claim about Universal going Blue. He said it came from the highest source possible (or something along those lines) then admits that he was unable to talk to anyone at Universal including Ken Gaffeo about the issue.
Or maybe his "highest source" was a member of the BDA with first-hand information about the discussions with Universal.

These pie charts are specifically from a period when Blu-ray cut prices to $300 through the Warner announcement. They don’t include all of the 4th quarter 2007 and they end right before Toshiba’s recent price cuts.

Yes, this selective time period looks very good for Blu-ray. HD DVD sales have rebounded since the price cuts however.
Curious given how most HD DVD enthusiasts over at HTF were complaining that BD-hardware prices actually ROSE after the Warner announcement since there was "less compeition" (the reason put forth by HD DVD voices) in the market to help keep them down.

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