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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

Well, they are both very good speakers, I kept the Paradigms for many months before finally getting asked for their return. They are however different speakers, with many similarities.

First off the Def Tech's cost almost twice the price of the Paradigms (I removed the sub from the equation, maybe that not fair, but even with the Paradigm sub, they are $1,500 more without a separate sub.)

Designs also are very different, so aesthetics have to be considered.

FWIW I loved them both, obviously. I generally prefer direct radiators for my surrounds. I use my system more for movies than MC Audio but prefer an audio set up even for films, but not always. For some films the added air of the bipole surrounds of the ADP 590s was better than the direct radiation of the DT's, for others it was reversed, depends on what is coming through the surrounds.

For multichannel music, I prefer direct radiators.

Both mains give you true full range sound, and that is a true feat for either of them at their price point. Sonically the Paradigms are a little more forward which made them a bit more involving for movies and aggressive music, while the more laid back and mellow nature of the DT's made them my preference for more delicate audio.

As for the center, the 690 is a monster and really filled in the center with plenty of bass, a feature most people don't realize is necessary. As for other surrounds with either system, I never used them so can only comment on what I've used, but I understand the Def Tech Gems, though they don''t use the identical drivers to the ST's are voiced to match, and Paradigm has an entire line that are voiced to match with similar drivers so you could get anything from the small dipole surrounds to another pair of 100's.

Just to make it even more confusing, Def Tech just showed the baby brother to the ST's @ CES, the STS's, they are a little smaller and retail for $1,499 each. I got a brief listen to them, and they sounded just like the ST's, but I understand they don't play quite as loud (i highly doubt you'd need all the volume the ST's can produce, I backed down at 110 dB peaks 12 feet from them)

I would suggest you try to listen to both with the same material, bring some music and a movie or two you are familiar with when you go to demo them and use the same things in both demo's, try to do them as close together as possible (same day at least, same shop best) and see which one's YOU like the best and buy them.

You won't go wrong either way, they are both excellent speakers, just with some differences and only you can decide which sounds best to you and best meets your needs.
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