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Default Re: Best racks ever made?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Really good industrial casters can easily support over 1000 pounds of weight. I did not know you were putting your rack on irregularly tiled floors. Hopefully all that weight will not crack them. I have a closet for all my gear and would need a rack on casters. The closet floor is flat and carpeted. My movie room has a long granite bar, so it would be nice to be able to match that granite for a rack, but then again I do like carbon fiber.

That's funny about the rack matching someone's grill. I would not be surprised to see that on Cribs. I'm sure they would also figure out how to make something on it spin too.
I think casters would also detract from some of the design of the rack. This rack is totally mass loaded and each shelve decoupled from the frame, then each shelve has it's own internal anti-vibration systems, as well as the magnetic blocking layer. The granite shelves add to the mass loading of the shelves.

Call AudiiAV and ask them, or I'll check with Jared soon as I want to discuss some things with him before I do some more work on it and will post back but I can't see them not doin matching granite for you.
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