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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot


Microsoft is far more interested in competing with Apple in the tens of billions of dollar download music and movie/show business. I am very doubtful they will be blowing billions on studios for HD. Bad business, as Blu Ray is mostly entrenched in the rest of the world. Japan, the second largest country in sales in Blu Ray centric--and it isn't because Sony is Japanese. So is Toshiba. No doubt the Japanese have always been far more proud of Sony though.

The war is now between Blu Ray and downloadables and Mr. Softy is trying mighty hard not to get "Job'd" by Apple again. As much as they dislike Sony, they are far more likely not to waste money on HD and add a Blue Ray to their XBOX. Their sharholders would be mighty ****ed if they blew billions on studios and I don't think the studios want this war to keep on going. There stores, hence the studios, want one format stability. But tgher Studios will sell to Microsoft the same stuff they sell Apple. Microsoft would be far happier if HD won, but they aren't going to blow billions on it. Dell and H-P already are on board with Blu-Ray and Microsoft wants them for their downloads, as they both sell more pc's than every computer company together.

Within 6 months or so, maybe sooner or a little later Paramount will be Blu Ray. That will leave Universal standingalone with HD. That won't last long.

What isthepoint of buying a Toshiba A3 that was $400-$500 and know marked down to $100-$150 if there is only a limited amount of software to play on it and almost no future HD discs toplay on it.

I guarantee the Porn Industry will follow suit--as they want to sell to the people that have the most machines--and that will obviously be Blu Ray. Heck, Blu Ray has over 10 manufacturers making their machines and Toshiba has just Toshiba and maybe a Chinese manufacturer. The Onkyo is a rebadged Toshiba and will likely be dropped before the years end. Onkyo is on the upswing with their 805 and 875 receivers, not to mention the Integra DTC-9.8 and the Onkyo cersion of the same. They want to continue their built-in momentum anhd their HD isn't cheap. Unlike Toshiba, they have no vested interest in HD. They have interest in people buying complete set-ups from them. Denon and Pioneer Elite are Blu Ray, as is Panasonic and they are all prepared for Blu Ray-particularly in the next 6 months when they all will put in the latest features from the Blu Ray consortium.

Toshiba had the misfortune of coming out early with the better machines before the public was ready to buy these machines.

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