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Default Re: Best racks ever made?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
I noticed these are not 3-point balanced. Ha Ha. Did you get casters so it's easy to move around? I have a middle atlantic that I am not too fond of and think one of these would be a great replacement. I really like the granite shelves. Did you get to pick what type of granite?

Also, did you see the rca plugs that are "Hand inlaid, jewel tipped accent on thick gold plated plug."

Wow. . . almost sounds like jewelry. . .Ha Ha
No, they aren't a three point system, I didn't want one as I have had problems reaching and using cables on certain gear from the center rear post. These racks do have very deep shelves, so that might not have been an issue had they been though.


The shipping weight of the rack alone was over 400 pounds! Add a few hundred of gear and NO WAY! Not on the irregularly tiled floors I have! Those little wheels would shatter the first time you tried to move them! This rack doesn't move.

I didn't spec out the granite, but having spent countless time on the phone with Jared Poiry the head guy @ AudiAV and from what I've seen, you could! He has made racks with ACTUAL diamonds in the emblems, and had/has a Genuine series which is the Diamond series gold plated with CZ's running the length of the open channels! I'm sure that one matches someone's grille!

Basically if you have the $$ they can do anything you want, each rack is spec'd then made to order, so I can see no reason you couldn't use any granite you want!
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