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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
That's hot! You can find Lascala's for sale cheap on audiogon. I just missed a pair locally (I had a pair of Heresy's sitting around and thought about building a HT around Lascalas and a heresy at the center but space became a problem so I sold the Heresy's on ebay). That would be one powerful system. I fell in love with the LaScala's when I heard them in Rota Spain - I'll never forget the day - I was listening to "Thunder Rolls" and I'm not a country fan! I was highly impressed. Glad to hear from you!
I have a line on a second pair of K-Horns and a matching Belle that are about the same age as mine, and they are in the local area. I may have to break open the piggy bank - Gonna check them out soon. Stay tuned.
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