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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
HD-DVD has days to do something.

Will they?

It's really hard to say.
Who cares?

The MASS consumer marketplace does not care about high resolution DVDs, and most of you here don't seem to want to accept that the consumer marketplace has already decided the outcome of this so-called "war."

The issue, as has been alluded to in previous posts, is not the cost of the hardware, it is the cost of the software AND the fact there are two incompatible formats. What no one here seems to want to admit is that Joe and Susie Six-Pack are perfectly happy buying their cheap regular DVD's at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or getting them from NetFlix and viewing them on their up-scaling DVD player, if they have even figured out how to set it to upscale on their $1,199 LCD HDTV. And Joe and Susie will never buy a hi-rez DVD player: Their next purchase will be a video server to store their movie downloads on.

NetFlix is an accurate representation of DVD viewing habits: If only .3% of their total rentals are EITHER of the two hi-rez formats, then iMovies has won the war and Steve Job is the winner!

Period, end of discussion

Those of you who are so passionate about this issue (what Professional Marketers call "Early Adapters" and "Fringe" consumers - People like me who still purchase new vinyl LP's) don't collectively buy enough hi-rez DVD's in a year to pay Howard Stringer's salary, so continued discussion about this subject is simply an exercise in flogging a dead horse.

Let's find something else to discuss that's actually important.
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