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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by glocksout View Post
Are you honestly reporting on a rumor? One that has been vehemently denied by Warner on more than one occasion.

And Lotus keeps going on with the Fox rumor when Fox rejects that one as well.

The original author that posted the rumor removed any mention of it when he posted the full article on his personal blog. It's not true and reporting on it only harms the journalistic integrity of AVRev.
Fox was flirting with HD-DVD and going exclusive to HD-DVD. That is a fact. Sony convinced them to stay. So WB picked BD.

I discussed Fox and their flirting months back. It happened but the HD DVD PRG were unable to seal the deal. It wasn't a rumor.

I'm positive Jerry in BH has just as good if not better sources than I do. FOX was very seriously considering HD-DVD. When BD+ got cracked it made the conversations turn serious.
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