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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

I think its just about to late for hd dvd to make a move to win support, big box stores and your cc's and bb's are just about pushing hd dvd into the closet as far as available space, many have more than doubled the space for bd software and hardware on shelves as well as active displays. At our local bb one of the employees indicated that there blu ray players sell nearly 10 to 1 compared to hd dvd since Christmas. A local radio station that has a very popular movie show on Fridays has indicated with the Warner move that hd dvd is dead and to go ahead purchase blu ray since they have the major support from the studio's. If hd dvd has a prayer, they had better make something happen fast, not months or quarter 3 or 4, it had better be fast. Word is getting out among your everyday consumer that bd is the clear winner, I think the only place you can find any dought is on fourm boards like this one, avsfourm and some others.
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