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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Posted by Super XP from another forum.

"Below are a few quotes about a so called industry insider or he claims to have a credible source in the industry. He also posted somewhere that Toshiba will reduce player prices due to a major shift in the HDM industry for Q1 2008. I believe that shift was Warner going Blu.

So, what do you guys say?

By nt300 edited Jan 21, 2008 - 2:05 AM

Recent Insider INFO – My Source speaks out to me via phone call – Jan 21, 1008

HD DVD will come back with a Vengeance. The DVD Forum is not stupid enough to let Sony's Blu-Ray format succeed SD DVD nor HD DVD. But keep dreaming everybody if you think Blu-Ray will win in the end. You can all expect 2 Major BD Studios shifting their allegiance with HD DVD exclusively between Q2 to Q3 2008. And one of them is not Warner Bros. Though I am sure they will soon follow within the Q4 2008 time frame.
The DVD Forum has had enough of this War and enough of the Blu-Ray manipulative business tactics. Expect a law suit by the DVD Forum against the Blu-Ray Disc Association because of their use of “DVD”.

Two major contributing factors for the 2 major studio shifts are going to be 1)Extremely well HD DVD player sales after Q1 2008 due to HD DVD promotional Groups extremely aggressive advertising which we’ve not even seen just yet and 2)The introduction of the TL51 discs with the TLTwin following about a month or so later due to the nature of the new triple layer twin discs replicating processes that will take a little longer than usual. Expect most of the TLTwin based films to be based on catalogue titles which should easily fit on the 4.7GB SD DVD layers.

By nt300 posted Jan 17, 2008 - 4:06 PM

Sony caught buying Blu-Ray movies in the 10,s of 1,000's for all of 2007 to sway the numbers in Blu-Ray's favor.

I am hoping my source for this information comes out with an article soon about this monstrosity.
The BDA are up to no good trying to control the movie content we pay for to watch.

By nt300 edited Jan 16, 2008 - 10:14 AM

Here is an e-mail I received by a fellow studio writer & a great friend. One studio to another studio.
Paramount/DreamWorks Home Entertainment - Classified Information.
Proposed list for 1st Quarter 2008 to 2nd Quarter 2008 HD DVD / More to come:

Titanic TLT
Braveheart TLT
Gladiator TLT
Deep Impact HD
The Prince of Egypt HD
Saving Private Ryan HD
Small Soldiers American Beauty HD
Cast Away TLT
Shrek 1 & 2 (Also Trilogy BOX Set w/P3) TLT
The Last Castle HD
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence HD
A Beautiful Mind HD
The Curse of the Jade Scorpion HD
The Time Machine HD
The Tuxedo HD
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas TL51
Shark Tale HD

Nothing is written in stone, but this is what I found out within the studio.
You owe me a beer lol,
I will let you figure out what the terms "HD", "TLT" & "TL51" mean."

A little bit of a twist taken from another industry insider.

The other news does seem interesting as the Twin disc and excellent price points of the Toshiba players could make serious headway. Toshiba is not going after the HDM market with those prices, they are going after the dvd market. Kudos to them as that is the real beast to conquer. Twin format discs being one sided and having a HD-30 layer and a 4.7gb dvd layer on new releases and popular catalogue titles these would naturally work there way into American homes and the player prices would as well. Note they need to stop producing a dvd version though if the twin format is released.

What say you Lotus? What say you on the MGM, Disney situation for hddvd as well you posted of a week ago?

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