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Default Re: External Scaler Suggestion? WS65813

Originally Posted by qwertybobo5 View Post
I'm looking for a suggestion on an external scaler that will convert 720p to 1080i. The tv supports 1080i and not 720p. Mitsubishi WS65813.

Yes, the source material is PS3 games that are only 720p. (The ps3 won't automatically scale the content).

The TV has component inputs and DVI. I'm currently using the component cables out of the PS3 to the tv.

The tricky part - the TV does NOT have any HDMI inputs.

Can anyone suggest an end-to-end solution (scaler/cables/adapters)? I've looked at the Gefen HD Mate scaler (DVI), but I really don't know enough about this stuff. I've never had luck connecting anything to the DVI port (even the stuff that says it supports HDCP).

From what I understand, the DVI port on the tv is DVI-I but it will ONLY support a digital signal. Analog signals are explicitly NOT be supported. This leads me to believe I will need some sort of scaling device that pulls the HDMI signal from the PS3, scales any 720p to 1080i, and then outputs it still digitally (maybe still HDMI). Then I would add in a simple HDMI to DVI converter to ensure it stays digital (ie no component cables) and that's it?

I haven't used it but the DVDO VP20 would work. It's $1499 MSRP.

The Lumagen VisionDVI can be had for $999 MSRP. That unit would do exactly what you wanted.
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