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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
1. In regards to the clock thing, that was something I was told by some of the IT guys I work with on a regular basis that they heard. If it is untrue then I apologize. I myself have not done it, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was a very simple way around it for Jobs has always allowed for ways to circumvent the 'suits' that stepped in the way of his grand scheme.
It's still piracy. Something I can't condone. I know too many little people in the industry that could use the money lost from piracy.

2. Studio support for sales WILL happen. Truthfully, if the rentals take off Jobs will get the support he needs. Unlike HD DVD and Blu-ray the studio's need Apple and programs like iTunes for that is how the majority of the marketplace is going to get their content.
Right but Sony will hold out because they have their own DLC service in the works. It's to be tied to their PS3 Live wannabe service and likely implimented into their TV sets soon as well. Other Studios will hold out for awhile too.

Lets be honest there is no reason for the Studios to not support both HD formats but they don't due to politics.

3. I completely agree, but where I think Apple has the upper-hand is that everyone, even PC users in the target markets, knows and uses iTunes. The Xbox thing is AWESOME and a huge plus in this shift away from discs, but iTunes continues to have aces up its sleeve and that is what the majority of the under 25 crowd uses. Now if it's built into cheap TV's like Vizio that's a whole other element that makes things VERY interesting.
I believe the main reason that XBOX LIVE did better than HD DVD and BD combined in movie sales last year is the under 25 crowd. You buy a movie and can erase it, but redownload it for free whenever you choose.

Having the movies downloaded to something hooked up to their HDTVs is a plus.

Truth be told Lotus, I haven't been this excited about video in a long time. Ever since my first experience with a music server I've been searching for ways to be rid of discs, be it music or movies, for they're just unnecessary.
I hear ya. I plan on having a video server of somesort for HD material as soon as the option is viable.

This is fun!!
Yes, yes it is.
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