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Default Re: Apple HD Downloads

If your display is not 720p, then your display or video processor will have to convert the download to the native resolution of your display which, in most cases, is 1080i/1080p, adding another layer of video conversion. Query: doesn't Apple convert SDs from 480i to 720p and HD/BD from 1080i to 720p. Why not let your display or video processor handle the conversion from 480i to its native resolution in one step. Is 1080i really that much more bandwidth than 720p, which would eliminate video conversion altogether. Apple needs to upgrade the Apple TV to 1080i.

I guess downloading movies is okay for those tha t"gotta have it NOW." I think Netflix is a better proposition. Three movies, including HD and BD, out at a time for $16.99 a month, which is the cost of 4-6 downloads. If you watch a lot of movies, downloading movies isn't very economical. It is easier than running out to get a movie though. I've had cable for years and have never watched a pay for view movie.

By the way, isn't it great that you ONLY get stereo for SD with Apple downloads. Whoppee!

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