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Default Favorite classic audio gear?

What are your favorite older pieces of gear? You know, the things you had, or still have way longer than anything else, or those pieces you've sold and wished you never did?

For me, I still keep a pair of JSE Infinite Slope speakers, well actually two pairs, the 1.0 and 1.8's, one day I might buy another one and make a 5.1 system out of them but for now they are only occupying space.

Some others I would nominate;

Aragon 4004 MkII amp
Linn LP12 (even though it's still in production)
Carver Cubes as they revolutionalized what we all thought of power amps
Mark Levinson ML 2's
Technics SL1200 TT as it was indestructible!
Proceed PCD3, a shoe box looking CDP that still sounds good by todays standards
Nakamichi Dragon Cassette deck, the coolest of the cool from the magnetic media days
Adcom 555

I will think of more, but these are some that have been opn my mind.

What older gear would you put on the list?
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