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Default Re: Help needed with DirecTV HD21

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I have made some progress.

Their DVR sucks compared to TiVo. Not even close.

I have the thing recording but still have two main issues:
- Having a hard time specifying how to record ONLY in HD. For example, I would like to record HBO's Entourage but only in HD. I tried doing a serach by channel for ch70 (HBOHD) but it isn't listed there. Its only on 502 and I don't think it is in HD. I know the show is in HD however.
- How do you tell the receiver to ignore the SD channels for channel surfing? For example: I like to watch channels from 265 to 295 (A&E to the Millatary channel). Now many of the channels like A&E, BIO, Nat-Geo and others have both SD and HD channels thus you have to flip through both formats to see what is on.

Any ideas on these fronts?

I can't help with the channel search since I've never done that but you should be able to find Entourage HD in a title search.
It should list it with & without the HD symbol, just choose the one with the HD symbol.

I can help on getting rid of the SD channels in your guide.

I'm guessing you are using the "all channels" option for your guide, this will show both SD & HD channels, you need to set up a favorites list with just the channels you want on it.
I'm at work so I'm guessing here but it should be close.
Go to favorites, then edit & set up new list.
It will ask you to name the new list & then take you to a list of all the channels you get.
You then go through all the channels & delete the ones you don't want in your guide (for example click to remove A&E but leave A&EHD) by hitting the select button & unchecking the box next to what you want to delete & yes you'll have to do this on each DVR.

the plus side is only the channels you watch will be in the guide so when surfing you don't have to deal with all the pay per view channels & out of area sports & networks.

The block between A&EHD & the military channel is where I do most of my surfing too!
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