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Default Re: Apple HD Downloads

Sadly, numbers are meaningless to the under 25 crowd. They don't care about mbps rates. They can see a difference between SD and HD and if Apple's 720p HD looks better than their SD they'll buy. Codecs are such now that you can compress quite a bit of info with less of the negative results you once encountered. (I deal with codecs and compression all day in my 9-5) Compression isn't the bad word it once was for this world and marketplace is going to be all about space and fitting your content into said space be it large or small. That's the honest truth and if Apple can make 720p HD 'look' like HD even at a slightly lower mbps then it will win.

I love Blu-ray and HD DVD and feel the picture is AMAZING and I'm not about to go without it, however, I can not turn a blind eye to the future and the fact that ultimately, when the dust settles the people who'll end up making the decision of what format stays or goes may not care about what benefits HD DVD and/or Blu-ray bring to the table.
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