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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
They have full support for their RENTAL service. The Downloads can only be watched for a certain time frame then they go bad.

This rental thing is a test to see if it takes off which it will. I think it's a smart move however, in true Apple fashion (and because Jobs hates limitations) there is a way around the time limit. Setting your computer's internal clock back will allow you to keep the video basically forever. Honestly, it is only a matter of time before the rental idea changes to outright purchase.

As for the Divx argument, you can not compare Apple iTunes to Divx. For one, iTunes didn't exist when Divx was trying to get off the ground and people hadn't truly experienced the convenience that downloads brought to them. Two, Divx was still a disc and asking people to pay for something like looked like a DVD, played like a DVD and in some instances cost like a DVD only to not be a DVD is NEVER going to work. Frankly when's the last time anything good came out of Circuit City. That chain is depressing and among the worst of the big box stores in terms of products, knowledgeable sales staff, etc etc.

Someone was talking about the under 25 crowd controlling the market. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! For ages it's been the baby boomers and such that have had the last word and frankly I think they're starting to whine a bit because that is no longer the case. Love it or hate it, what my brother and his friends latch onto is going to be what I have to write about and understand and at least learn to love for they are the new target market. Truthfully, my brother has no interest in Blu-ray or HD DVD. He has interest in DVD because he can afford it but he has total interest in downloads because he can use them.

These next gen formats have a battle on their hands because DVD is so entrenched in the mainstream and frankly Apple is going after that market and mindset which is WAY SMART. Why compete with a format (Blu-ray and HD DVD) that has such a small percentage of the marketplace when you can challenge the norm and get SD DVD users over to Apple and iTunes. Do that and even with 720p downloads or 'rentals' Apple will effectively make HD DVD and Blu-ray irrelevant, or simply cement it as a fringe product much like vinyl is now.
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