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Default Re: Help needed with DirecTV HD21

I have made some progress.

Their DVR sucks compared to TiVo. Not even close.

I have the thing recording but still have two main issues:
- Having a hard time specifying how to record ONLY in HD. For example, I would like to record HBO's Entourage but only in HD. I tried doing a serach by channel for ch70 (HBOHD) but it isn't listed there. Its only on 502 and I don't think it is in HD. I know the show is in HD however.
- How do you tell the receiver to ignore the SD channels for channel surfing? For example: I like to watch channels from 265 to 295 (A&E to the Millatary channel). Now many of the channels like A&E, BIO, Nat-Geo and others have both SD and HD channels thus you have to flip through both formats to see what is on.

Any ideas on these fronts?

Jerry Del Colliano
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