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Default Re: The High Definition Video War is OVER: Apple iTunes is the Winner!

Originally Posted by Vinyl Rules! View Post
As for the "buying power" you cite, those of us over 40 who have the buying power to purchase a Blue-Ray or HD-DVD player and pay double the price of regular DVD's for the software also have the following expenses most of those under 25 DO NOT HAVE:

1. We have mortgages - They do not: They still live at home or have roomates.
2. We have to put kids through college, pay for braces, etc. - They do not.
3. We have health insurance and life insurance and home owners insurance premiums to pay
- They generally do not.
4. We set aside contributions to our 401(k) or Roth accounts, if we are smart - They do not.
It sucks that a bunch of pimply faced kids that have no idea of what quality audio & video is have so much power!!

Originally Posted by Vinyl Rules! View Post
Like I said in my first post, Blue-Ray may have won the battle, but both high-resolution physical formats have lost the war - They just don't know it yet.
This is where we disagree, IF the format war ends soon Blu-Ray will have time to become entrenched if not close to mainstream before the downloads kick into overdrive.
I hope HDM doesn't go the way of vinyl with only a few boutique labels.
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