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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
A note on Apple:


They have full support for their RENTAL service. The Downloads can only be watched for a certain time frame then they go bad.
This concept has been tried and failed miserably in the market. It was marketed by Circuit City and was called DIVX.

It cost CC over $100 million in wasted $$$ and they fired the idiot president who was the supporter of this concept and technology.

The lesson that was learned at the time is when consumers buy something, they expect it to be theirs AND ACCESSIBLE for as long as they own it and want to view it.

The studios thought otherwise and most of them were rabid supporters of DIVX - The hidden agenda of the content providers is for you to pay each time you access the content.

Does anyone here remember when Disney test-marketed DVDs that were marketed in a special nitrogen-filled package? They were priced beween $8 and $12 and after being opened, they would only play for about a week, until exposure to air oxidized the exposed surface of the DVD and made it unplayable. This was yet another really idiotic effort by a major content provider to sell you something, then limit the number of times you could access it.

Consumers will NOT accept this limitation on content purchases - They proved this with their rejection of DIVX, and of course the Disney trial of the self-destroying DVD was a complete fiasco.

Trying to limit the time of the viewing window didn't work for DIVX/Circuit City, it didn't work for Disney's test, and it won't work for the studios providing time-limited viewing to Apple, IMHO. I guess there's no one left at any of the studios that remembers the disaster that was DIVX or the failed Disney market test.

Just like DCSS was developed by a kid in Norway to unlock DVDs, some kid somewhere will figure out a way to unlock the Apple downloads and the studio's efforts to keep continually screwing the consumer will once again be thwarted.
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