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I don't know about imploding. Historically, he's managed to develop something better on each move. I am concerned about how much creativity he can continue to bring forward to consumers as a result of the acquisition. Conflicts regarding his being able to exercise his creativity seems to be a recurring theme.

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Interesting trend someone suggested to me:

Every 10 years Bob Carver implodes or needs to get bought out.

Seems to make sense. Phase linear, Carver and ultimately Sunfire.

YES, Sunfire is an ongoing concern but Bob HARDLY got rich from selling it. He got it DEEP POO POO from suing over his small subwoofer w/digital amp deal that was a total mess. He should have never gone down that path - just taken a fair royalty and just ben happy and rich. Fighting it made him need to sell the company and dismantle the successful part of Sunfire (Randy Bingham and Miriam Lindergard). That was a HUGE mistake but it was pushing 10 year again.

Just a philosophy. Not a rule.
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