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Default Re: Help needed with DirecTV HD21

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
This isn't working.

I just went to the guide to select "Pairings with Andrea (immer - she is SO CUTE)" on Food Network HD. I hit Guite, select - and it kicks me right back to live HDTV - NOT to any record options.

How do you get to specific record options? The record button the remote automatically starts recording things but doesn't set season pass or anything like that?
Is the show you you hit select on live or in the future?
Because if it's live then select will kick you straight to the program.
In a live program you hit info, when the info banner comes down hit select & you will get the screen to let you record once or record series.
In a program that's on in the future the select button takes you straight to the record screen.

I haven't seen the HR21 but it can't be that much different to my HR20.
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