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Default Re: My $650k house is now going to be an $850k home

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I assume you mean the FMJ AV9?

A nice unit but not able to be upgraded.... FWIW Meridian does make and external HDMI switcher but I suspect you know that.


Don't forget about treating your power and running more dedicated lines than you could dream of ever using! Much cheaper to do it prior than later...

I thought of this as my system is on battery right now (completely disconnected from main line) during a major lightning storm......
That's likely it. The FMJ is a good unit to save with and they do offer an upgrade path (not that I plan on taking it).

I will buy the Meridian 861 replacement as soon as it comes out.

The electricity is being done with everything having its own dedicated power. A little overboard maybe but I don't think so.

As for treating my power... I was thinking IsoTek.
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