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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
What is getting ready to happen is another war, this one between download formats between Apple & Microsoft.
I imagine the discussions have ended in Redmond on how to beat Blu-Ray & is now focused on rolling out their own download format.

This "distraction" of HDVD's sugar daddy is an opportunity to end the HDM war & let Blu-Ray build up it's base & become fully entrenched while the download formats fight it out over who has the bigger D*#k!

I'm still convinced that the majority of people prefer a physical format & if HDM strikes now they still have a chance to be a real format & not die a slow death like SACD & DVD-A.
MS' LIVE service provided over 10,000,000 downloads last year in 720p.

So they already have the service and it's already being used more than HD-DVD and BD combined.

Also you're just repeating a conspiracy theory that some paranoid gits have. Michael Bay is very much Oliver Stone-like. It's a conspiracy with little grounding it to reality.

DLC is here already and is growing (faster than HDM). There are however two viable markets. Both can easily co-exist for a long, long, long time and be profitable.

So MS does care about HDM.
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