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Default Re: Your 650K house is going to cost you $1,300,000

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I did a similar project with my house and I can tell you Ken's 30% estimate is a JOKE in terms of being low. I guessed 50% and I was low. Estimate 60% to 75% over budget and make sure you are bankrolled for it even if it requires a line from the bank. If you don't use it and I am off - no worries. Come up short and take it from me - there is PLENTY to worry about!!!
The biggest thing to drive the change of an estimate is a Change of Order Form. I'm doing very little of that. I had a really good idea on what I wanted. The Builder is family so I'm not worried about him underestimating or anything plus he has a rock solid reputation anyway.

I have seen the Runco SC1 MANY MANY times and it is one of the best, brightest most killer projectors you could ever want to own. I have seen it in Mexico, at ISF training at Stewart Filmscreen, at trade shows many times and beyond. It has the power to do your large screen with ease which is no small feat.
It's allowing me a two story screening room. Which is really cool. The 2nd story has a mini-kitchen and a row of seats too. I'm really happy with the decision and it has raised my budget a little more but it's worth it.

As for Hodas - contact him (or me directly) and I will get you set up with him to help you build your room. I have used Bob forever and he is about the greatest guy. When you can start from scratch with him its the best. Room dims, treatment placements, speaker placements, seating etc.... You will NEVER regret bringing Bob into the project. The final audio tuning will blow your mind. Be sure to use enough woofers as he will make it rock so hard, to transparently and so LOUD you will fall over dead!!!!
I'll do that in the next week or so.

In terms of electronics - there is a GOOD reason why Ken, Andrew and I all use Meridian. Great stuff. Liquid sounding audio, very versatile. Also look at Classe (what I am now using as of this week) as well as the new Mark Levinson No. 502 which will compete with the Meridian 861
I'm going with Arcam's PV9 or whatever it's called until Meridian has a HDMI unit for me to use. The Arcam unit has HDMI switching for video (four in, two out I believe). Plus I hear its analog section is really nice. It should hold me over rather nicely until Meridian has a unit I want. I will use the internal decoding of the BD player until I can get that Meridian.

I can wait a year or two for that Meridian unit if need be.
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