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Default Re: Why Apple hasn't put a bluray or hd-dvd player in their computers

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Note: Apple's new ultra-sexy laptop (my laptop is getting jealous as I type this into her) has NO DRIVE AT ALL....

Jobs is a visionary. Perhaps he is beyond drives?

WARNING: if he is - beware a push for more low-resolution crap from Apple like their 256k audio files being sold as HD. This comes from a long-time Apple user and supporter.
Jerry, I believe he is visionary. The fact that the new laptop has no drives was a specific point that he wanted to make. He said that we are now beyond drives, combine that with his downloads getting ready (and believe me he will up it to 1080p with full audio - this from a Microsoft guy - but learning to like Mac) makes his real point and vision clear.
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