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Default Re: Apple HD Downloads

AT&T is getting ready to run fiber in my neighborhood also. That will be sweet!
I don't mean to throw water on your enthusiasm but if the fiber that AT&T is laying is for their Uverse offering, it's nothing to get excited about. Unlike Verizon's FIoS, AT&T isn't bringing fiber to your home, just to your neighborhood. It will be distributed to homes from neighborhood "junction boxes" and the end result is that the internet download speed they offer, even the top tier, is no faster than what I'm already getting from TimeWarner cable. Your mileage may vary and AT&T's offering may well be an improvement over other offerings where you live, but the point is that it comes nowhere near approaching the speed of Verizon's FiOS, which is what we're going to need for high def downloads to be realistic. I think Moose's post (with the story about TimeWarner charging more for high bandwidth users) hits the nail on the head in terms of us all taking a reality check. To further stir the pot, the FCC is launching an investigation into charges that Comcast is using traffic-shaping technology to limit or block BitTorrent downloads (see story at It's not much of a leap to imagine how Comcast (or any other ISP) will steer us to their own movie service and squeeze more $$ from us (or slow the downloads to a crawl) to download a movie from Blockbuster, Netflix or Apple. I don't mean for the tone of this post to be pessimitic; overall I'm very excited about the prospect of downloading high def content and putting an end to the idiotic format war between HD-DVD and Blu Ray. The recent news from Apple is a tantalizing step in that direction. But I would caution everyone that we may not get there by simply letting the market run its course. Be proactive and contact the FCC and your Congress person to let them know how you feel about the topic of internet neutrality.
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