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Default is 2.1 good enough for the Costco crowd?

With flat HDTVs costing less than $1000 for a great HDTV today - will Costco and Wal-mart sink their teeth into the world of surround sound and make it for the masses?

Say what you want about Bose speakers as an audio enthusiast (God knows I have over the years) but you MUST admit the idea of a "3-2-1" system makes a LOT more sense than a 5.1 system for the average consumer.

My question is - can 5.1 or 7.1 surround make it in a world where the HDTV drives the sale or is 2.1 or "sound bar" type audio systems with a little subwoofer going to be more the norm?

The Yamaha system is VERY good and has all sorts of inputs, processing and can output pretty good sound.

With no major label support for surround sound - can audio enthusiasts push 5.1 for movie soundtracks only?

what say you on this topic?
Jerry Del Colliano
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